Safety on the Job, OSHA requirements - Kent Construction Company, Delaware

Safety on the Job

There are many hazards present in the Construction Industry and federal and state agencies are very strict with their safety requirements and standards. Across the United States, OSHA oversees the safety of individuals on the job requiring on the job safety practices across the board. Kent Construction Company is proud of our safety record and continually strives to maintain the safety of all our employees. At a Kent Construction work site you will always find safety glasses, hard hats, ear plugs and safety vests protecting the workers. Also, traffic cones and barricade tape is available when needed. And in the event of a minor medical issue, a first aid kit is always close at hand. These are just some of the wide array of safety products that help us keep our employees safe, as well as comply with OSHA requirements. Safety is not a luxury and at Kent Construction, we treat it with the respect it deserves.